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Main Ridge Tile

Price: USD10~USD100 Per Meter
Size: 250*160*280 mm
Weight: 6 kg

Cylinder shaped, they are installed on the main ridge, hip ridge or gable ridge. It can help the rain flow fast from the roof ridges. Meanwhile, its inside is empty, this structure can reduce the weight of roof top. And it can decorate the roof. Meanwhile

Name Glazed Main Ridge Tile
Raw Material Kaolin clay, Bauxite and porcelain clay
Surface Glossy and glazed
Water Absorption Below 7%
Frost Resistance Below -15℃
Colors Golden yellow, green, blue, grey, red and black
Production Process Moulding - Drying - Sintering - Glazing - Sintering - Finishing
Features 1. Traditional technology and handmade sculpture
2. Bright surface and high compactness of clay body
3. Low water absorption, glaze no peeling for long
4. Sculpture patterns customized
Application For garden pavilion, Buddhist Temple, Mosque, Pagoda, Gateway and other buildings roof  in Chinese style.


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