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Roofing material is an important part in house building material.Our building material include roof tile and decorative roof material,such as the animal decoration on the roof.The decorative roofing material is famous for its top quality and bright color. Different colours are available,for example,yellow, green,red, gray, blue,among which yellow and green are widely used in different buildings.

Glazed Roof Tiles

1.The surface is glossy for glazed roof tiles.

2.Chinese glazed roof tiles are more durable and beautiful.

3.Green glazed roof tiles are mainly special for garden buildings.

Clay Roof Tiles

1.The material of clay roof tile is Kaolin clay. 

2.Chinese clay roof tile is used for classical style building. 

3.It is competitive in the roofing material market.

Breeze Block

1. Breeze block can shade and prevent rain.

2. Breeze block also has very good ventilation. 

3. Additional, it still can make multifarious design.

Wooden Gazebo

1. Wooden gazebo is not only a place for people to rest.

2. But also an important building in the landscape.

3. It makes the whole garden alive.

Flexible Ceramic Wall Tile

1. It also called MCM (Modified Clay Materials).

2. It can imitate stone, leather grain, wood, etc.

3. A new type of flexible building decorative surface material. 

Japanese roof tiles

1. Japanese tile overall style are soft .

2. It is similar to the ceramic S tile.
3.  WIth unique historical charm and rich colors.

Spanish Roof Tile

1.It is formed in the shape of an S.

2.The surface is glossy and glazed.

3.It is widely used for European style villa.

Fish Scale Roof Tiles

1.It has the fish scale shape with bright furface.

2.It is widely used for modern hotel and residential house.

3. This system gives them better durability.

Brick Tiles

1. The clay tile is made by hand-made.

2. It can be also used for floor and wall.

3 Color of which is grey and red.

Stone Carving

1. stone carving, refers to carving various things out of stone.
2. Create a visual and tactile artistic image with a certain space.

3.Art to express aesthetic feelings and aesthetic ideals.