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1.What's the water absorption of your roof tiles?

For unglazed grey roof tiles 8%-10%, for glazed roof tiles 4%-6% and for porcelain roof tiles 1%-2% .

2.What's the compression of your roof tiles?

For unglazed grey roof tiles 500N, for glazed roof tiles 1500N for porcelain roof tiles 2000N .They are safe to support one adult .

3.What's about the frost-resistance?

No crack and peeling at low 20 degree .

4.What's the durability?

For unglazed grey roof tiles 30 years, for glazed roof tiles 50 years. for porcelain roof tiles 70 years .

5.Where are your roof tiles used for?

Our Chinese roof tiles are widely used for garden pavilion, gazebo, Mosque, Buddhist Temple, pagoda, gateway, Chinese hotel, restaurant, villa, resident house, fence wall and memorial park.

6.Which countries have your products been exported ?

So far our products have been well sold to United States, Mexico, U.K. France, Germany, Turkey, Bahrain, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Australia.

7.What's the Minimum Order Quantity ?

5000 pieces or 50 square meters. Sometime small order can be accepted.

8.What's the delivery time ?

Depending on your quantity. Generally in 20-30 days after the deposit.

9.What's the payment terms ?

T/T, 50% in advance or L/C, 30% in advance.

10.What's the package?

Plywood case in the size 1000*900*900mm .

11.Could you provide the sample?

Yes .The sample is free if less than 4 pieces.

12.What's the quantity of each square meter of your roof tiles?

For the common size 80 pieces per square meter.

13.What's the weight for each square meter of your roof tiles?

About 50 kg per square meter.

14.What's the service can you supply?

House design advice, calculating the quantity according to your drawing and good after-sales service. We promise to replace the tiles for free if any quality problem such as crack, glaze peeling.