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Luoyang Lingshan Temple

Luoyang Lingshan Temple is located in Yiyang County, Henan Provice, the middle of China. As so far, it has more than eight hundred history. Nestling under a mountain and near a river, it has good Feng Shui. It is famous for its efficacious god and attracts lots of people coming here.

Under the local government support, Lingshan Temple was going to extend new part in 2012. Because we were near it, the project director found us and placed a small trial order to us. After our products were used to complete a small roof, the project director was quite satisfied with our product quality and roofing effect. Then he placed the order over 5000 square meter to us. Now, the project has been completed. The local government and people speak highly of it. Meanwhile, we are so proud of making contribution to this famous temple.