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Glazed Tile2021-09-24

Glazed tile is a traditional Chinese building material. It is made of high-quality clay and then fired. The glaze on the surface can be yellow, green, black, blue, purple and other colors. Glazed tile is used in the national color palace-style building

The Art of Architecture and Landscape2021-09-22

Chinese classical garden architecture generally takes natural landscape as the theme of landscape composition, and the architecture is set only for viewing and embellishing the landscape. Nowadays, people are more and more interested in Chinese ancient

Ancient Chinese garden art ——the Summer Palace2021-09-18

The art of Chinese garden architecture has a long history, which is unique and outstanding in the world horticultural history The Summer Palace is a relatively complete large-scale imperial garden, which is representative of traditional Chinese garden

Chinese ancient building and painting2021-07-23

When appreciating paintings, we have never paid attention to the existence of ancient Chinese architecture.Because they are not the protagonists .But if you remove them, you will find that the painting will become dim and pale .The Chinese small gazebo …

Five-dragon Pavilion2021-07-22

Five-dragon Pavilion is located in the west of the northern shore of Beihai. It was built in the 30th year of Wanli of the Ming Dynasty (1602), and it was repaired repeatedly in the Qing Dynasty. This place was originally the site of the Taisu Hall in the

Traditional Chinese garden-He Garden2021-07-14

He Garden, located at No. 66 Xuningmen Street, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, also known as "Jixiao Mountain Villa", is a Chinese classical garden building originally built in the middle of the Qing Dynasty, known as "the first garden in

Shanxi Li Family House2021-07-08

In Shanxi of China there is a village called Yanjing Village. There is a courtyard in the village that was built during the Qing Dynasty. The whole building is the Siheyuan courtyard and at the same time it absorbs the Hui-style architectural style .The C

Qinghui Chinese Garden2021-07-06

Qinghui Garden, located on Qinghui Road, Daliang Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, is a Lingnan garden building originally built in the Ming Dynasty. It covers an area of 22,000 square meters and is one of the four major gardens in L

Do you know the name of Chinese roof tiles in traditional house?2021-07-01

For Chinese traditional house there are many different type roof tiles .Do you know their name in roofing.Flat tile is the bottom tile .Pan tile is the cover tile. They are the main parts for roof covering. Eaves tile and Drip tile are fixed along the roo

Suzhou Garden Jianshanlou2021-06-30

Jianshanlou, formerly known as Mengyinlou, is a south of the Yangtze River style residential building with double eaves saddle roof, gentle slope, whitewashed walls and grey Chinese roof tiles, and elegant colors. The bright tiled windows upstairs maintai

Shaan Gan Club in Kaifeng2020-10-15

Located on the north side of Xufu Street, Longting District, Kaifeng City, Henan Province, Shan Shaan Gan Club was built in the 41st year of Emperor Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty (1776). It was built by wealthy businessmen living in Kaifeng, Shanxi, Shaanx

Ancient Chinese architectural structures in the world(2)2020-09-29

The Portland Classical Chinese Garden, covering an area of more than 3,000 square meters, is a friendly exchange project between Suzhou and Portland, a sister city in the United States. It has won the "Habitat Environment Award" awarded by the Oregon Stat

Ancient Chinese architectural structures in the world2020-09-27

Chinese Scholar's Garden was built in the late 1990s as the sister garden of Suzhou Lingering Garden. It is said that all the Taihu stones used for the revetment and stacking are shipped from the China. The pavilions in the garden, curved bridges and corr

Foreign ancient buildings in Chinese style2020-09-25

Chinese ancient buildings have their own unique characteristics, and the Chinese style has become popular overseas. Today, what we want to talk about is some foreign "ancient buildings", which are as beautiful as domestic ones. The grey bricks and tiles r

Guyi Garden2020-09-23

The pavilions of Guyi Garden are dominated by the buildings of the Ming Dynasty. The pavilions have a variety of architectural plane forms, and the three-dimensional shapes can vary widely, reflecting the exquisite and lively characteristics of Jiangnan g

Journal of Guangdong Landscape Architecture2020-09-21

The garden occupies a total area of about 1598 square meters. It is famous for its small and exquisite and finely arranged artistic characteristics, which fully demonstrates the unique style of ancient garden architecture and superb gardening art.

Desirable Garden2020-09-18

Although it is a wood-stone, blue-brick structure, but the architecture is very particular, window carvings, railings, and even the floor also have their own styles. In addition, the furnishings are fresh and elegant, occupying hydroponic flowers, which a

Baomo Garden2020-09-16

Baomo Garden is located in Zini Village, Shawan Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, and China. It was first built in the late Qing Dynasty, covering an area of 5 acres, and was destroyed in the 1950s. Rebuilt in 1995, it lasted 6 yea

Retreat and Reflection Garden2020-09-11

The Retreat and Reflection Garden has a unique layout, with pavilions, terraces, buildings, corridors, squares, bridges, halls, rooms, and penthouses all available. With a pool as the center, the buildings are like floating on water. The layout is compact

Drunken Bai Pond2020-09-09

The garden layout of the Drunken Bai Pond is centered on a pool of water, with curved corridors and pavilions on three sides around the pool, and you can lean on a railing to enjoy the scenery in rain or shine. In the garden, there are ancient wooden scal

Yuehui Garden2020-09-07

Yuehui Garden is not only a beautiful Lingnan garden, but also a precious cultural treasure that integrates Lingnan folk customs, Lingnan ancient architectural art, garden art, sculpture art, opera art and treasured art. Come to Yuehui Garden, appreciate

Chengde Summer Resort2020-09-04

The scale of the buildings in the garden is small. The palaces and surrounding walls are mostly made of blue bricks and grey tiles, natural wood, elegant and solemn, simple and modest, in contrast with the Forbidden City in the capital, with yellow tiles

Garden of Ten Scepters2020-09-02

The layout of the garden is rigorous and dense, with rockery, ponds, curved bridges, corridors, pavilions, studies, guest rooms, etc. cleverly combined together, compact and not crowded. Being on the scene, like in a painting, is refreshing, which fully r

Zhu’s Garden2020-08-31

Zhu’s Garden is located in the middle section of Jianxin Street in the ancient city of Jianshui in Yunnan Province, China. The front of the entire group of buildings is the three-room flower hall. There are lotus ponds, bushes, nurseries, and flower garde

Shen Garden2020-08-28

The perfect combination and coordination of the four elements of the garden creates an artistic conception of mountains and forests within easy reach, highlighting the theme atmosphere of each garden.

The Garden of Harmonious Interests2020-08-26

The Garden of Harmonious Interests, which integrates architecture, painting, sculpture, calligraphy, literature and art, and gold and stone art, has the characteristics of sceneries, which makes people dream and linger. It is a model of garden artistic co

Taiping Museum2020-08-24

Taiping Museum is located in Confucius Temple, Qinhuai District, and Nanjing, China. It is the oldest Ming Dynasty classical garden in Nanjing. The Taiping Museum covers an area of about 20,000 square meters and has a total of more than 20 large and small

Mountain Villa with Embracing Beauty2020-08-21

The pavilion in the garden can produce infinite space through a specific environment, giving people a rich experience.

The Humble Administrator's Garden2020-08-19

The buildings mainly built with clay roof tiles. Luoyang Dannuo Gardens & Building Material Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer to produce the roof tiles, such as Chinese clay roof tiles, Japanese roof tiles, glazed roof tiles, porcelain roof tiles, wood gazebo

Emblem Park2020-08-17

Many of the building built with clay roof tiles. Luoyang Dannuo Gardens & Building Material Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer to produce the roof tiles. If you need it, please feel free to contact us.

Couple Retreat Garden2020-08-14

Many of the building built with clay roof tiles or porcelain roof tiles.

Du Fu Thatched Cottage2020-08-12

The Former Residence of Thatched Cottage is regarded as the "Holy Land" in the history of Chinese literature. The former residence is both poetic and picturesque. It is a well-known garden combining humanistic landscape and natural landscape.

Orchid nursery2020-08-10

The garden buildings are decorated with wood carvings, brick carvings, carved glass, glazed windows and glazed tiles.

Ying Garden2020-08-07

The whole garden has a rigorous structure, reasonable layout, stacked mountains and water, and has unlimited charm. There are ponds, water pavilions, pavilions and pavilions in the park. There used to be a school here, and it once served as a refuge for t

Ancient Bell Garden2020-08-05

The layout of pavilions, bridges, roads, ditches and canals, the architectural design of cornices and the overall layout of greening, highlight the characteristics of "grey tiles and white walls", simple and elegant, quiet and deep, reproduced Antique Min

A vivid and beautiful painting scroll of lake and mountain2020-08-03

There are islands of various sizes scattered on the vast water surface, the islands are connected to the water, and the water surrounds the islands, forming a vivid and beautiful scroll of lakes and mountains in the limited space.


The pavilions mainly built with clay roof tiles. Luoyang Dannuo Gardens & Building Material Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer to produce the roof tiles, such as Chinese clay roof tiles, Japanese roof tiles, glazed roof tiles, porcelain roof tiles, wood gazebo

Yan Garden2020-07-29

The pavilions mainly built with clay roof tiles. Luoyang Dannuo Gardens & Building Material Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer to produce the roof tiles, such as Chinese clay roof tiles, Japanese roof tiles, glazed roof tiles, porcelain roof tiles, wood gazebo

Chang Garden2020-07-27

There are two pavilions in the middle, one is a hexagonal pavilion, and the other is a square pavilion for people to rest. Between the two pavilions, small pieces of bamboo and stone are dotted, elegant and fresh.

Mochou Lake Garden2020-07-24

The courtyard is equipped with rockery with lakes and rocks, green pine and verdant bamboos. It is beautiful and elegant, especially the century-old wisteria in the northeast corner. The old stems are also flourishing with flowers and leaves, which are bo

Qing Yan Garden2020-07-22

Qingyan Garden is located in Huaian City, Jiangsu Province. It is the only well-preserved government office garden in the history of Chinas water control and water transportation. It is the most representative classical garden in northern Jiangsu. It comb

Master of Nets Garden2020-07-20

The classical gardens in China pay great attention to the creation of water scenery. South Chinese Garden can be said to have no gardens and no water. With the reflection of water, the landscapes of mountains, rocks, flowers and trees or buildings in the

Dongpo Park2020-07-17

Dongpo Park, a classical garden, is located on the southeast side of Hongmei Park, the first garden in Changzhou. Dongpo Park, formerly known as the East Suburban park, Yizhou Pavilion, etc., is a classical garden that integrates historical sites and natu

Tang Dynasty Architecture2020-07-15

The roof is covered with grey clay tiles and some classical decorations.

Examination Hall2020-07-13

The roof is covered with grey clay tiles and some classical decorations.

The Ancient Building in China2020-07-10

The roof is covered with grey clay tiles and some classical decorations.

A temple with a rare construction technique2020-07-08

The roof is covered with grey clay tiles and some classical decorations. The eaves are decorated with glazed tiles.

Jingzhou Ancient City2020-07-06

Jingzhou ancient city, also known as Jiangling City, is one of Chinas famous historical and cultural cities. Jingzhou ancient city is a famous cultural city, located in the west of jianghan Plain. During the Han Dynasty, the country was divided into 36 st

Qingchuan Pavilion2020-07-02

Main hall is hard hill roof, the roof is covered with clay grey tiles, and the eaves and ridges are decorated with eaves tiles, drip tiles, hip ridge, sitting beasts etc.

Chinese Residential Building2020-06-28

Luoyang Dannuo Gardens & Building Material Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer to produce the roof tiles, such as Chinese clay roof tiles, Japanese roof tiles, glazed roof tiles, porcelain roof tiles, wood gazebo, clay brick wall decoration etc.

Wang Family Courtyard2020-06-24

The building of Wang Family Courtyard mainly built with clay roof tiles. Luoyang Dannuo Gardens & Building Material Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer to produce the roof tiles, such as Chinese clay roof tiles, Japanese roof tiles, glazed roof tiles etc.

Ancient Buildings in Jiangzhou2020-06-22

This pavilion is the main venue for Chinese New Year and Festival activities in the city. The ramp in front of the stage is wide and inclined, so that the audience can watch the performance without any obstruction.

Beauty of Ancient Buildings2020-06-19

The architectural scale of the Tang Dynasty was magnificent, and various housings, palaces, towers, and temples were tightly planned. The overall planning of the Chinese architectural complex also improved during this period.

Courtyard house2020-06-16

Architecture, as a solidified history, preserves this ideology forever. Siheyuan, as one of the representatives, is an important way for us to study traditional culture and experience traditional classics today.

Ancient building charm——elegant buildings for landscaping purposes2020-06-12

Carrying a broad and profound Chinese ancient construction culture, whether it is a pavilion in a prosperous age, a chic and elegant pavilion, or a corridor with a winding path, with the architectural style and ingenuity, they interpret the depth and expa

Chaotian Palace2020-06-10

The Chaotian Palace in the Ming Dynasty was the largest and most famous Taoist temple in Nanjing at that time.

Garden wall decorative perforated hollow bricks2020-06-08

The decorative brick is used for garden pavilion, Buddhist temple, antique pagoda, decorative gateway, memorial arch and other Chinese ancient style building walls.

Merchant Wang's Residence2020-06-04

Standing in front of the Moon Gate, you can see the scenery of residence. The tall ancient cypress trees reach towards the sky and the pomegranate is flourishing. The towering green-grey silk seam cloud mountain-like wall top is like a dragon.

A model of ancient architecture in the Central Plains2020-06-01

In the birthplace of Hetu and Luoshu, at the intersection of the ancient culture of Central Plains, there is such a house, it is a large feudal landlord manor spanning the three historical periods of Ming, Qing, and Republic of China, although the fame is

Qiuxia Garden in Shanghai, China2020-05-29

Qiuxia Garden is a famous classical garden in the south of the Yangtze River in China, and one of the five ancient gardens in Shanghai.

What is the basic type of gardens? (3)2020-05-28

"Jiangnan" refers to the area of the Taihu Lake Basin in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, with Nanjing, Wuxi, Yangzhou, Suzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Jiaxing and other places as the most. So it is said that "Jiangnan gardens are the best in the world

What is the basic type of gardens? (2)2020-05-26

Imperial gardens, private gardens, temple gardens

What is the basic type of gardens? (1)2020-05-25

Artificial landscape garden & Natural Landscape Garden

New favorite of antique garden building materials2020-05-22

Grey tiles are usually applied to farmhouses, antique gardens, pavilions, etc. In recent years, it has become one of the products highly recommended by designers with its elegance, calmness, simplicity and tranquil beauty.

Construction Process of Glazed Tiles2020-05-19

What is the construction process and conventional construction method of roof glazed tiles? What tools are needed for its construction? Here is a detailed description of the construction process of the roof glazed tiles in the construction of antique buil

Qinghui Garden2020-05-18

Qinghui Garden is a masterpiece of classical garden art in the south of China, known as one of the four famous gardens in Lingnan, and has been listed as Cultural Relics Under Provincial-level Protection.

Folk Houses South of the Yangtze2020-05-14

The grey tiles and white walls of folk houses form a simple and elegant style. The roof is made of grey tiles, and the outer wall is made of bricks. The roof, eaves, walls, Guanyindou ridge or horse head wall form a rhythm of staggered shapes and deep cou

Chinese Old Town Huizhou Spring2020-03-17

In the spring of Huizhou, there are ancient villages with white walls and Chinese grey roof tiles in the mist and rain, there are small rivers flowing day and night, and bright rape fields that can be seen no matter where you go.Spring in Huizhou is a riv

Guan Yu Temple2020-01-06

At the east end of Guanlin Nan Lu, Guanlin (Guan Yu Temple) was built to commemorate thegreat general Guanyu of the State of Shu during the Three Kingdoms Period.In the Romance of Three Kingdoms, the Shu general Guanyu was defeated, captured andexecuted b

The Summer Palace2019-12-27

The Summer Palace, the imperial garden of the Qing Dynasty in China, formerly known as theQingyi Garden, is located in the western suburbs of Beijing, 15 kilometers away from the urbanarea, covering an area of about 290 hectares, adjacent to the Yuanmingy

Lingyin Temple2019-12-20

Lingyin Temple, or Temple of the Souls Retreat, got it name from its tranquil surroundings.Sheltered by forested hills on three sides, the temple is a quiet and sheltered sanctuary (when it is not thronged by visitors).Lingyin (Hidden Spirit) Temple is on

Jstars courtyard2019-11-25

shanxi has long been known as "ancient architecture museum of china". A great many civilhouses build in Ming and Qing Dynasties have been preserved in here.they are the testimonyof history of Shanxi Merchants .the Courtyard of Family Qiao that w

A thousand year old temple in China2019-11-15

Baima Temple in Luoyang city 12 kilometers east, in the Eastern Han Dynasty start Yongping 1922 (Year 68), have passed 1,900years of history, and one of the earliest Buddhist temple, the Chinese Buddhist statue called "Jieting "and" Release

The Chinese imperial palace2019-11-08

Hall of Supreme Harmony Taihedian Commonly known as the Hall of Gold Throne,the magnificentstructure was built in 1406 and renovated in 1695. It is 35.5 meters high and has a floor space of 2 300square meters with 182 beams and 84 pillars. It is the large

Chinese Gable Roof2019-10-12

Chinese gable roof is one of the Chinese traditional architecture roofs. The gable walls of both sides will be on the same level or a little higher than the roof.

Chinese Green Glazed Roof Tiles2019-09-27

In Chinese old times the glazed roof tiles are not only the roofing material but also carried a political significance.Yellow glazed tiles were reserved for us on the roofs of imperial palace, garden and temple.Whereas the house for the officials have gre

Heshun Ancient Town2019-09-17

Heshun Ancient Town is located in the ancient town of Yunnan, a national cultural province, and the closed, traditional and stable environment of Heshun Ancient Town, it completely retains the characteristics of Chinese Ming and Qing culture and is known

Chinese Traditional Courtyard2019-09-10

There are dozens of Chinese traditional courtyards in Shaanxi Province, which are near Xi’an City. These courtyards include traditional houses and the yard.

Chinese architecture symmetrical beauty2019-09-05

Since ancient times, the Chinese have been pursuing symmetrical beauty for the things.Now whether it is in foreign or at domestic, symmetrical beauty has never been eliminated.Chinese people observe the tradition of a central axis in the building for thou

Wuyuan Ancient Village2019-08-28

Wuyuan Ancient Village is adjacent to Weinan and West Zhejiang. Wuyuan is known as the most beautiful rural area in China. The construction of the ancient village of Wuyuan is one of the most preserved and best preserved places in China today. Among the W

The Gates of Chinese Gardens2019-08-23

The gates in Chinese gardens have many shapes. The moon gates are very popular. They have round shape, like the moon, hence they are called moon gates.

The grey brick and tile are the homesickness in dream2019-08-16

Homesickness is a memory that Chinese people can’t erase. If you want to keep your homesickness, you have to have a local flavor.The grey bricks and roof tiles are the carrier of the homesickness in the ancient and simple culture.From the end of

Chinese Four Great Pavilions2019-08-07

The Four Great Pavilions are famous in China for their poetry articles by literati. They are the Zuiweng Pavilion in Chuzhou, the Taoran Pavilion in Beijing, the Aiwan Pavilion in Changsha, and Lake Heart Pavilion in Hangzhou.The buildings in the Zuiweng

Chinese Grey Clay Bricks2019-08-02

Chinese grey clay bricks are one popular Chinese traditional building material. Their material is clay, which is famous for its viscidity. Mix clay and water to make the brick bodies, then put them into kiln. The bricks will be finished under temperature

The beauty of Chinese ancient roof2019-07-26

The beauty of ancient architecture is inseparable from its perfect roof design.The roof is the most artistic part of the Asian traditional architecture and is known as the crown of architecture. The roof of the ancient building has smooth curves and flyi

Yuetan Garden2019-07-15

Yuetan Garden is located in the south of Nanlishi Road, West City District, Beijing, south of Yuetan North Street. Formerly known as "Xiyuetan", Yuetan was one of the five altars of Beijing. It was built in the Ming Dynasty (1530) and is the pla

Chinese Antique Town2019-07-11

Tianxing Tow is located in Chongqing City. It is one relaxed holiday resort with traditional south China buildings.

The carving art in Chinese architecture2019-07-05

Engraving is a kind of Chinese folk art craft. The craftsmen carved patterns on the wooden, stone, brick and tile.The carving methods are complex and diverse and the style is classical and elegant, adding a unique landscape to Chinese architecture.The bea

Siheyuan Hanging Flower Gate2019-06-24

Siheyuan hanging flower gate. It is the door inside the ancient Chinese residence building. It is a very elegant door in the courtyard. It is the dividing line and the only passage between the inner house and the outer house (front yard). Because the pill

Japanese Antique Buildings2019-06-20

Japanese antique buildings are refer to the buildings before Meiji reform. Since the buildings are influenced by Chinese culture and Buddhism, Japanese building start use clay roof tiles, the painting of red and white and curved corners during the year of

Tile Garden2019-06-11

In my eyes, tile is not just a building material. It represents a realm and represents my architectural view. I think that I have never been designing a house, but building a world ,said by Wangshu. If you know Wangshu ,you should be not stranger to his w

The four famous towers in China2019-06-05

The four famous towers, especially the Tengwang Pavilion in Nanchang, Jiangxi, the Yellow Crane Tower in Wuhan Hubei, and the Yueyang Tower in Yueyang Hunan, the Guanque Tower in Yongji Shanxi.Tengwang Pavilion, the first of the three famous towers in Jia

Antique Chinese Gardens2019-05-30

Shandong Chinese Courtyard is located in Qingdao National Wetland Park. It is one antique building group with Ming and Qing Dynasty Style. It is built on one original site of Ming and Qing Dynasty Building Group.

Chinese courtyard2019-05-22

The Chinese courtyard is one of the strongest symbols of Chinese traditional culture. The blue tile wall, the wooden door lock,and the Chinese courtyard in memory symbolize the home and symbolize the family memory. It is the warmest part of the Chinese li

Huaqing Palace2019-05-14

Tang Huaqing Palace is the palace of the Tang Dynastys feudal emperors. Later, it is also called "Hua Qingchi", located in Lintong District, Xian City, Shaanxi Province. Including the original Lishan National Forest Park, and the Summer Palace,

Hanzhong Museum2019-05-08

Hanzhong Museum is located in the center of Hanzhong City. It has 2200-year history already. Its area is about 8000 square meters.

Chinese hotel in Siheyuan style2019-04-26

The quadrangle courtyard of the Siheyuan has almost witnessed the changes in Chinas modern history and has become one of the most important cultural symbols in Beijing. There are 13 courtyard hotels in Beijing. Beijing old town courtyard boutique hotel is

Luoyang Peony Flower Club-10 Flower Garden2019-04-16

Peony will be a traditional Chinese folk activity, starting in the Sui and Tang Dynasties and flourishing in the Song Dynasty. April is the season of peony blooms. The Luoyang Peony Culture Festival in China, that is the Luoyang Peony Festival, has been s

The Gate of Chinese Traditional House2019-04-10

Chinese traditional houses have very long history. And there are many kinds of style houses in China. For an example, Siheyuan in Beijing, Hui Style and Gan Style houses in South China, and Suzhou Gardens. All of these houses form the variety of Chinese t

Chinese Dragon Mural Wall2019-03-28

Traditional mural wall, also known as "photo wall", is the wall used to block the line of sight in traditional Chinese architecture.It is usually made of brick and consists of three parts: base, body and top. There is also a simple wall without

Chinese garden2019-03-20

Chinese gardens fully embody the concept of harmony between man and nature, embodying the idea that people conform to nature and strive for survival and development. In the gardening technique, it simulates nature and is higher than nature, that is, "

Chinese Siheyuan2019-03-13

The place, finish, decoration, painting of Chinese Siheyuan shows the long traditional Chinese history. They stand for the pursuit of the happiness, beauty and rich. Because the house is circled by the walls, it is called Siheyuan. If there is only one ro

Beautiful and charming Chinese architecture2019-03-01

Hui style architectureHui style architecture is the Minnan building.It is the representative of the southern Chinese dwellings .Most familiar with the Huizhou faction.Huizhou residence is centered on a deep courtyard surrounded by high wall enclosure. The

Chinese Garden Leaky Windows Flower Windows2019-02-25

Leaky windows, commonly known as leaking windows (that is, some partially empty wall windows) and flower windows, are windows with a leaky pattern in the window hole. They mainly function as ventilation and lighting, and are a kind of decoration on the Ch

Old Streets in Luoyang City2019-02-21

Luoyang City is one old city with very long history. There are many historical site in it, like Longmen Grottoes, Baima Temple, Sui Tang Dynasty Park, Lijing Old City Gate, etc.

Chinese Brick Carving-Beautiful Wall Relief Sculpture2019-01-28

Brick carving refers to the carving of landscapes, flowers, figures and other patterns on the blue bricks. It is an important art form in ancient architectural sculptures. The production process and the core point lies in the deep engraving of the surface

Luoyang Lijing City Gate2019-01-23

Luoyang Lijing City Gate is built in Tang Dynasty. It is called the fist gate of old capital, and the fist tower in Middle China. There is one circle small city next to the gate. If the enemy enters into the circle city, the main gate and the circle gate

Chinese Style Door- Always Oriental Beauty2019-01-15

Chinese style door, always oriental beauty!The Chinese style door, as the main passageway into and out of the courtyard, has continued the facade of the Chinese courtyard for thousands of years. With its unique symmetrical beauty, it displays a unique tem

The Color Match Of Chinese Glazed Roof Tiles2019-01-09

Generally, one Chinese style roof only use one color Chinese glazed roof tiles. For example, the Imperial Palace, the whole city only uses yellow glazed roof tiles, which shows the royal’s status. And Temple of Heaven, the whole building uses bl

The Beauty of Chinese Courtyards - Building a Flower Wall, Keeping a Garden2018-12-17

Chinese roof tile flower wallPeople take little grey roof tile (also called "Butterfly Tile") as assembling materials. Using white ash knives or cement mortar to form a rich and artistically beautiful flower grid. This is the roof tile flower wa

Chinese Pavilion --- Penglai Pavilion2018-12-13

Penglai Pavilions are located in Penglai City, Shandong Province, they are one Chinese old buildings group. The main building of Penglai Pavilions is built in Song Dynasty about AD 1061. This place is famous for “Paradise in the world”.

Grey brick small roof tile horse head wall, corridor hanging grille window2018-12-04

The horse head wall, also known as the wind fire Wall, the fire-proof wall, is an important feature of the Huizhou architecture (Huizhou architecture) which is one of the Han traditional residence architecture. Specifically, it refers to the wall sill abo

Chinese Gardens --- Lion Forest Garden2018-11-29

Lion Forest Garden is built in Yuan Dynasty, about AD 1342. It is one of the respective antique private garden building in the Han nationality. It is also one of Suzhou famous gardens.

Chinese style residences - The beauty of the world, is the highest living ideal for Chinese people.2018-11-26

Lin Yutang said: "The best building is to make us live in it, but we dont feel where nature ends, where the art starting." The Chinese-style dwellings are connected with the Chinese traditional aesthetics and philosophies. The place where you ca

Traditional Chinese Building Groups In Beijing2018-11-15

Beijing Jiaoye Park is located in Fengtai District. It is one new Chinese ancient style gardens. Its area is about 166,500 square meters.

Chinese Roof Tiles for Decoration2018-11-06

In China, roof tiles began in the Western Zhou Dynasty and flourished in the Qin and Han Dynasties. As the simplest material for building a house, it witnesses the progress of human civilization. With the development of science and technology, the roof ti

Red Brick Art Museum2018-10-31

Red Brick Art Museum located in North-east Beijing, Hege Village. It is built in 2012 and be open to the public in May 2014. It is the landmark building there. Its area is about 20,000 square meters, including 8000 square meter outdoor gardens.

Huizhou Style Village- Nanping Yixian2018-10-25

Yixian County is located in the southwestern part of the main peak of Huangshan Mountain. It has a history of more than 2,000 years. The hills are heavily stacked, the stream is reflowed, the climate is mild, and the scenery is beautiful. The county has a

Chinese Old City With Tang Dynasty Style2018-10-17

Chinese Tang City, is one movie and television base. It is located in Xiangyang City, Hubei Province. It is built in 2012. It is a compositive waterside settlement, served as movie-TV shooting, cultural creating and tourism.

Tunxi Old Street Architectural Style2018-10-10

The old street building maintains the traditional Huizhou ancient architectural style. There are 280 shops along the street, most of which are second-floor. They are typical downstairs shops, upstairs houses. The front-store and back-square buildings cove

Chinese Gazebos2018-09-29

Chinese gazebo is one kind of traditional Chinese buildings. It has many styles, like square gazebo, hexagonal gazebo, octagonal gazebo, and the gazebo with two eaves.

Lingyin Temple2018-09-18

Lingyin Temple, also known as Yunlin Temple, is located in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. It is backed by the North Peak and faces Feilai Peak. It was built in the Eastern Jin Dynasty and the first year of Xianhe (326 years). It covers an area of about

Hanshan Temple2018-09-13

Hanshan Temple is located in Suzhou City. It is built in AD 502 to 519. It covers an area of 13000 square meters. Its building area is about 3400 square meters. Hanshan temple is one famous temple in Chinese history.

Nanjing Confucius Temple2018-09-03

Nanjing Confucius Temple is located in Gongyuan Street on the north bank of Qinhuai River in Qinhuai District of Nanjing, west of Jiangnan Gongyuan, namely Nanjing Confucius Temple, Nanjing Confucian Temple and Wenxuanwang Temple. It is the place where th

One of Chinese Old Town - Furong Town2018-09-01

Furong Town, original name is Wang Village. It has 2000 years history. There are several falls among it, so it is called “The town hanging on the falls”. It is located in the west of Hunan Province. It is one of Four Famous Towns in the west of Human Prov

Yangzhou Slender West Lake2018-08-21

Slender West Lake was originally named as a guarantee lake. During the Qing Emperor Qianlong period, the salt industry in Yangzhou flourished. Because of the long age and the silt of the lake, the salt merchants invested in dredging and built many pavilio

Beijing Siheyuan2018-08-18

Siheyuan is one kind of traditional courtyard building. Its layout is one courtyard in the middle while rooms around the courtyard. Since the building is square shape with four sides, it is called Siheyuan.

Zhujiajiao Town2018-08-06

Zhujiajiao Town, which belongs to Qingpu District of Shanghai, is located in the west of Shanghai and the south-central part of Qingpu District, close to Dianshan Lake Scenic Area. In the east, it is near to West Daying and the boundary from Huancheng. In

Residential Buildings In South China2018-08-04

Residential Buildings in South China is one important part of Chinese traditional residential buildings. Their features are facing south, focusing lighting, the wooden structure, the brick and stone walls, painting, etc.

Shanghai Yuyuan2018-07-23

Yu Garden is located in the northeast of Shanghais old city, with Fuyou Road in the north, Anren Street in the east, and Shanghai Old Town Temple in the southwest. It is a classical garden in the south of the Yangtze River. It was built in the Jiajing and

Chinese Villa2018-07-17

There are beautiful Chinese style villas near Humble Administrator Garden.

Beijing Siheyuan2018-07-11

The traditional craftsmanship of Beijing Siheyuan is a traditional skill, declared by the China Academy of Art. Siheyuan, also known as Sihefang, is a very common traditional residence in old Beijing, and it is also a unique scene in the ancient capital.

Chinese Ancient Architecture - Understanding the Beauty of Artifice2018-07-02

Architecture is a "history of stone" and "solidified music", and it is also a symbol and symbol of an era civilization. The beauty of architecture is the essence of the spirit of the ancients.

Shouzhuo Garden2018-06-27

Tao Yuanmings former residence • Shouzhuo Garden Scenic Area is located in Tao village, Yixian County, which is known as the “shiwaitaoyuan”. It was invested and developed by Huangshan City Shouzhuo Cultural Tourism Developmen

Shanxi Linfen Millennium Temple Reappears Vitality2018-06-22

On the eighth day of April in the lunar calendar, in the foothills of Yunqiu Mountain in Linfen, Shanxi Province, believers from Shanghai, Tianjin, and Jiangsu spontaneously came to witness the restoration of Duobao Lingyan Temple.

White Deer Cave Academy2018-06-13

Bailudong Academy is located in the south of Lushan Nanlu Wulaofeng Mountain, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province. It is a cultural landscape of the world. It enjoys the reputation of “the First Academy in China” and was named “t

Chinese ancient architecture has a long history2018-06-08

The upper doors and windows of the units are on top, and the upper part is a roof tiles with two slopes or four slopes. From such several building rings into one or several courtyards, forming a group of buildings.

The oldest classical garden in Ming Dynasty--Zhanyuan2018-05-30

Located in the core area of ​​the Qinhuai Scenery Zone in the Confucius Temple in Qinhuai District of Nanjing, Zhanyuan is the oldest classical garden of the Ming Dynasty in Nanjing.Its history can be traced back to Emperor Wu Prefecture before Zhu Yuanz…

Huizhou Ancient Architecture Protection: Let Homesickness Go Home2018-05-25

The Anhui Ancient Folk House Exposition Park, known as the “Open Air Museum,” has rescued and rebuilt 450 ancient dwellings from all over the country. At the time of the International Museum Day, it has attracted attention from all walks of life.

Traditional Chinese Architecture - Pavilion2018-05-15

The pavilion is a traditional Chinese building which usually be built in gardens, Buddhist temples, and temples. It is a building that be used for people to shade, rest, shelter from the rain. They generally located by the roadside or in gardens. The cons

Xiaoshan actually also has a Ming Dynasty ancient buildings2018-05-10

Nanda House is located at the south end of Dangshan Old Street in Guali Town. Here the rivers are intertwined with numerous bridges and surrounded by row upon row of old houses.Nanda Building was built in the Ming Dynasty and it has a history of more than

The Ancient Xitang Town2018-05-03

Xitang has a long history and is one of the birthplaces of ancient Wuyue culture. During the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, it was the land of the intersection between Wu and Yue countries. It is known as the "Wu Root Yue Ang

The name of ancient architecture2018-04-28

Xiao Qiang is the door screen, which refers to the low wall of the door in the ancient palace. There is a small wall at the door of the ancient palace. When guests come, they will not directly see the owner of the room, but they will need to walk around t

White Horse Temple Ancient Architectural Complex - Hall Introduction 12018-04-16

Located 12 kilometers east of Luoyang Old Town in Henan Province, Baima Temple was founded in the 11th year of Yongping in the Eastern Han Dynasty (68th year). It was the first government-run monastery built after the Buddhism was introduced to China. It

Lushan Historic Buildings: Shaolin Temple Complex2018-04-12

Shaolin Temple, located 13 kilometers northwest of Dengfeng City, south of Taichung Mountain. In the face of the Shaoshi Mountain, the back is covered by five milky peaks. The temple is named after the mountain. Qingjing Rizhao said, “Shanxi&

Huizhou Architecture Hongcun2018-04-03

Hongcun was founded in the Southern Song Dynasty Shao Xi years (AD 1190 - 1194). Formerly a land where Wang surnamed inhabit in. It has been more than 800 years history. It is backed by Huangshan Yumai Sheep Stack Ridge, Leigang Mountain, etc. The terrain

Longnan: The Memory of an Ancient City2018-03-26

Longnan is located in the southernmost part of Jiangxi Province and is known as the "South Gate of Jiangxi Province." Longnan is an ancient civilized county with a long history. It is the original home of the Hakka people. It is named Longnan because of t

The Former Residence Of Jia Yi2018-03-22

The Former Residence of Jia Yi is located in Changsha City, Hunan Province

What are the main features of Chinese traditional architectural styles?2018-03-13

What are the main features of Chinese traditional architectural styles? Chinese architecture is a major category in the history of world architecture. Since ancient times, China has had a vast history, and its architectural art has a long history. Differe

The Ancient City Of Lang Zhong2018-03-10

The Ancient City of Lang Zhong is located in Sichuan Province, which is the old town with thousand-year history. It is also the country of Chinese Spring Festival culture, and one of Chinese Four Old Cities.

The beauty of Chinese classic architecture2018-03-02

Pavilions pavilions, cornices Qingwa, staggered, twists and turns, elegant Ya Yun without losing the magnificent. In the ancient Chinese land, there is a beautiful fairyland, not paradise-like heavenly classical architecture.

The Traditional Building In Yunnan Province2018-02-11

Bai Nationality lived in Yunnan Province. They have their special building features. These buildings form one kind of special and beautiful scenery. They are made of grey bricks, traditional grey roof tiles and the matched roof accessories. They have the

Enjoy the beauty of the Forbidden City2018-02-03

Visit the palace building not only depends on the palace building itself, but also depends on its external furnishings and accessories, in order to more deeply appreciate the artistic features of ancient architecture.

Why Chinese Old Roof Tiles Are Grey Color?2018-01-25

Some people will notice some Chinese old buildings only use grey color roof tiles, especially the buildings in Tang and Song Dynasty. The famous projects are Suzhou Gardens, and other China Gardens in the South China. These buildings are famous for their

How to Build Chinese Wood Pavilion?2017-11-17

Site after having been surveyed and leveled; SketchUp rendering of the pavilion skeleton and internalreinforcements of a corbelled bracket layering; Individual pieces that comprise of the Dougong cornerornamentation . This structure is unique in that, lik

Chinese Style Commercial Street2017-11-11

With more and more people all over the world being interested Chinese culture, Chinese style commercial streets are going to be built in many places, like Huaming Park in Russia, world resort in the U.S., pancoran Chinatown in Indonesia etc. These project


The Montreal Botanical Garden is a large botanical garden in Montreal. It is considered to be one of the most important botanical gardens in the worldThe Chinese Garden is constructed along the traditional lines for a Ming Dynasty Chinese garden.Montreal

Main Hall of Foguang Temple2017-11-03

The hall has a lattice ceiling that conceals much of the roof frame from view.

Chinese Dragon2017-11-03

The people of China have a long held belief that they are descendents of the dragon, a tradition that isfirmly embedded in Chinese culture across all aspects of Chinese society and in the minds of its people. Nine Dragon Sc

Main Hall of Nanchan Temple2017-10-28

Chinese temple is a prayer hall that has been preserved in the temple,

Chinese Kung Fu I (Martial Arts)2017-10-27

Chinese Kung Fu (Martial Arts or as popularly referred to as Gongfu or Wushu) is a series of fighting styleswhich has developed over a long historical period in China. Nowadays, it is regarded as a traditional sportgaining more and more popularity and eve

Orchid Pavilion2017-10-23

Chinese pavilion is one of architecture in ancient China.

Chinese Glazed Roof Tiles Advantages and Disadvantages2017-10-20

Chinese glazed roof tiles are one kind of representative Chinese old roof tiles. The first advantage is: they have many colors for choice, like golden yellow, green, blue, gray, red, etc. And the most common ones are golden yellow and green. In the ancien

Chinese Architecture Culture2017-10-20

Architecture and culture are tightly related to each other. In a sense, architecture is the carrierof culture. Styles of Chinese ancient architecture are rich and varied, such as temples, imperialpalaces, pavilions, official residencies and folk houses,

The Tower of Nanjing: The Lost Porcelain Pagoda2017-10-14

Porcelain Pagoda of Nanjing was not the tallest pagoda constructed in China, it was widely considered the most beautiful. Rather than being constructed of only wood, the walls of the temple were made of white porcelain bricks that must have glittered in t

The Traditional Roof Tiles Installation Differences Between South China And North China2017-10-13

Many many things in South and North China have big differences, like life style, dietary habit, living habits, etc. What’s more, in the ancient, the installation ways of the traditional roof tiles also have some differences.As for the eaves, the

Memorial Arch (Paifang)2017-10-13

Paifang, or arch in English, is a wooden or stone archway built mainly to commemorate the greatachievements or loftiness of a familys ancestors. It is often erected in front of a tomb, temple, andancestral hall or along the road. Many beautiful lucky bir

Man Mo Temple –Hong Kong2017-09-29

Central is the busiest area in Hong Kong island. Whether you want to visit some of the mostbeautiful architectural wonders, do some shopping or just want to wander around ,you haveto access Central area for sure. Man Mo Temple which is located in the popu

The Lion Forest Garden2017-09-26

The Lion Forest Garden differentiates itself from its brethren by being dominated by rocks. It’s quite a small garden, but the maze of walkways above and underneath the rock will be sure to have you walking in circles for some time.

Tea House2017-09-25

A tea house is an establishment which primarily serves tea .Although the functions of teahouses vary widely in different countries, tea houses often serve as centers of social interaction,like coffeehouses.In China and Japan , a tea house is traditionally

Pagoda (Ta)2017-09-20

Pagoda(Ta) is a common oriental traditional building with specific form and style

Chinese Garden in Singapore2017-09-15

Singapore is a travel friendly nation. It has so many travel attractions and is one of the mostvisited travel destination of the entire globe. Chinese garden is an important land mark of Singapore.If you to to China Town area in Singapore, you might feel

The Differences Between China Gardens and Japan Gardens- Water and Stone2017-09-15

Japan Gardens is famous for its dry landscape. Its white sand stands for the water while the small stones stand for the islands. Some Japan Gardens uses the real water, but it pays more attention to the water form, the landscape just likes one painting. W

The edge of the tiling – Drip tile2017-09-09

Drip tile is a type of Chinese style roof tiles ,which can protect the wall clean. Rectangular shaped,they are installed on the front end of the roof and allows to protect the wood structure from the waterdripping. The end face of the tiles is closed with

The Differences Between China Gardens and Japan Gardens-Layout2017-09-07

Regarding the layout, Japan Gardens in the early days, formed one style which included ponds and small hills, the area is very big. Its main feature is imitating the natural hills and waters. There are pond and hill. If the pond is big, then people should

How to distinguish clay tiles and porcelain tiles?2017-09-04

Traditional Chinese clay roof tiles was the oldest tiles for covering ,which appeared in Western Zhou dynasty. It has 3000 years history.The common between clay tiles and porcelain tiles are unglazed surface, grey color and same type.The differences1. Mat

Storeyed Pavilion (Ge)2017-08-31

There are many poems to describe the China traditional buildings, for example, Storeyed Pavilion (Ge) The Chinese Ge is similar to the Lou in that both are of two or more storey buildings.The difference between them is that the Ge has a door and w

Storeyed Building (Lou)2017-08-31

There are many famous Chinese buildings in ancient poems, such as, Yueyang Lou, which was built by Chinese antique root tiles

The Differences Between China Gardens and Japan Gardens2017-08-31

The goal of Chinese people making garden is pursuit natural spirit. China Gardens are full of Han Culture, they are the art treasure which is created by Chinese five thousand culture. Based on Suzhou Gardens designing style, the typical China Gardens are

Some Knowledge of Ancient Roof Tiles and Brick2017-08-17

Ancient roof tiles are not strange for most people in China. Whether we see the Jiangnanscenery in TV series or in our life , You can see this kind of product that is full of primitive simplicity.The ancient roof tiles and brick itself is very accord with

Our company is ten years old!2017-08-16

Warmly celebrate our company is ten years old!In ten years, our product category changes from few to even more. In the beginning, we only have glazed Chinese roof tiles. After years of research and learning, we successfully developed porcelain roof tiles

Chinese Roof Tiles Well Sold in USA2017-08-10

USA is our main market. Chinese traditional buildings are also popular by people inAmerica. In 10 years our products is well sold for many project in USA including Buddhisttemple ,Chinese garden, Chinatown , Chinese pagoda and restaurant.Our first project


The Tai was an ancient architectural structure, an elevated terrace with a flat top. In most cases be built of earth, stone and surfaced with brick, they are used as a belvedere from which to look into the distance. In fact, however, many well-known ancie

Confucius Temple2017-08-08

Confucius Temple is located in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province. It is the temple for worship Confucius, and it is Chinese first national the highest educational institution. It is the important place of Chinese ancient culture. Moreover, it is the famous e

Type of Chinese Architectures: Ting2017-08-04

The Chinese pavilion (ting, which also means a kiosk), a common sight in China. It’s one of the most important roles in Chinese ancient architecture. It’s no exaggeration to say that where there is a garden, there is a pavilion in China. It is built norma

Dai Temple2017-08-04

Situated in the north of Taian City, the Dai Temple is a Taoist temple as well as the largest andbest-preserved architectural complex on Mount Tai. Also called the East Dai Temple, it is oneof the four most famous ancient architectural complexes including

I can Not sell the roof tiles with too cheap price2017-07-29

I can Not sell the roof tiles with too cheap price

Daxiangguo Temple2017-07-28

Daxiangguo temple , the original name Jianguo temple ,is located in the west of Ziyou roadin Kaifeng city. It is the famous Buddhist temple and was built in Kingdom of Qi.Tang RuizongEmperor gave the name to commemorate his identity before he assumed the

The China under the roofs2017-07-21

The stories of roof tiles

Ancient Building Complex in Wudang Mountains2017-07-20

Wudang Mountain is applied both to the entire mountain range, and to the small group ofpeaks located within Wudangshan subdistrict of Danjiangkou, Shiyan. It is the latter specificarea which is known as a Taoist center.Wudang mountain is the top of the fo

Old Lotus Pond2017-07-19

Old Lotus Pond is one garden, it is located in the center of Baoding city. It is built in 1227, and it has 800-year history. It is one of China Ten Gardens. It was the residence of famous military leader Zhang Rou in Jin Dynasty.Old Lotus Pond is named fo

Longxing Temple2017-07-15

Longxing Temple is located in Zhengding County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, known as the Temple of the Great Buddha because of its giant bronze statue of the Buddha. It was built in established in Sui Dynasty. It covers an area of 85,200 square me

KANGBAI-WANS Manor2017-07-15

The manor, another name Kang family, is located Kangdian town, Gongyi city. It was built inlate Ming and early Qing dynasties. It is the representative of the architectures of the fortificationsof north China in the 17th and 18th centuries.Kang family abo

Tianyi Pavilion2017-07-11

Built in the middle of Ming Dynasty, Tianyi Pavilion is located in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. Its area is about 26000 square meters. It has over 400-year history. It is the representative building of Chinese book collection culture. Tianyi Pavilion i

Chinatown in Brisbane2017-07-06

Chinatown is a precinct in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Australia. It is locatedon Chinatown Mall, a pedestrian street which occupies all of Duncan Street. The Mall runs parallel to Brunswick Street Mall, and connects Wickham Street and Ann Street. The pre

Jingjue Temple2017-07-05

Jingjue temple is located in the southeast of Yutian county, which is the royal temple. It isknown as “the first temple in capital”.Jingjue temple was built in Tang dynasty.But it was rebuilt and repaired four times. Now thepreserved a

Dali Old City2017-07-04

Dali Old City is located the west of Yunnan Province. Its history dates back to Tang Dynasty. Its area is about 3 square kilometers. Dali Old City is the center of policy, economy and culture of Yunnan Province during Tang and Song Dynasty.Dali Old City c

Chinese Buddhist Architecture2017-06-29

The development of Chinese Buddhist architecture can be traced back to the introductionof Buddhism.It is the successful model for the the Buddhist architecture with Chinese characteristics to use the fo

Shunfeng Mountain Paifang2017-06-27

The paifang in the front of Shunfeng Mountain Park is built in 2002. The total height is 38 meters, the width is 88 meters. The thickness of base is 3 meters, while the span is 35 meters. The weight of whole paifang is about 14000 tons. Shunfeng Mountain

Chinatown in London2017-06-22

The present Chinatown is part of the City of Westminster, occupying the area in andaround Gerrard Street. It contains a number of Chinese restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets,souvenir shops, and other Chinese-run businesses. The first area in London

Wangcheng Park2017-06-21

Wangcheng park is located in Xigong district, Luoyang city, which was the capital of 13 daynasties.It was built on the site of East Zhou dynasty capital and so called Wangcheng park.It takes about 720000 square meters, including ancient culture area , peo

Hui Style Architecture2017-06-20

Hui Style Architecture is one kind of important Chinese traditional architectures. The material of this kind of architecture is brick, wood and stone, and the main structure is wood. Meanwhile, it uses many ornaments. Bricks, wood and stone carving can be

Chinatown Sydney2017-06-16

Sydneys Chinatown is an urban locality in the southern part of the Sydney central business district, in New South Wales, Australia. It is located in Haymarket, between Central Station and Darling Harbour. It is part of the local government area of the Cit

Traditional Chinese Style House2017-06-15

Roof tiled house is traditional Chinese residential building. This style house is named forusing tiles covering. It occupied an important position and was popular all over China.In north of Chine they were most are grey roof tiles and grey brick wall or r

Ping Yao Ancient City2017-06-14

Ancient city of Ping Yao is located in the center of Ping Yao County, Shanxi Province. It is built in BC 827 to BC 782.Ancient city of Ping Yao is one of the Four Best Preserved Ancient Cities. And it is one of ancient cities which succeeded in biding for

The Temple of Heaven Park2017-06-08

The Temple of Heaven park is located in southern Beijing.It was the place where theemperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties would worship the god of heaven and pray forgood harvest. it is the largest architectural complex in the world for rituals to pay ho

Yueyang Tower2017-06-07

Yueyang tower is located on the ancient city wall of yueyang city, Hunan province. It is one of the three famous towers in the south of the Yangtze River. The othertwo are Tengwang Pavilion in Nanchang of Jiangxi Province and Yellow Crane Towerin Wuhan of

Song Yang Academy2017-06-06

Song Yang Academy is one senior college in ancient China, it is one of Chinese Four Academies. The building of Song Yang Academy remain the Qing Dynasty building style. The buildings are built by gray bricks and grey Chinese roof tiles, which give the bui

Yongle Palace2017-05-26

The Yongle Palace is located in Ruicheng County, Shanxi Province, one of the mostfamous Taoist temples in China.It was constructed in 1247. The Yongle Palace covers an area of over 80,000 square meters. Its main buildingsinclude the Palace Gate,

The First Buddhist Temple - White Horse Temple2017-05-26

White Horse Temple was the first Buddhist temple in China, established under the patronageof Emperor Ming in the Eastern Han capital Luoyang in the year 68. White Horse Temple isone of the oldest Buddhist temples. It is only 12 kilometers from Luoyang cit

The History Of Shaolin Temple2017-05-24

Shaolin Temple has a very long and rich history. It was built in Bei Wei Dynasty(about AD 495). In that time, some Indian monks came to China to spread their Buddhism. In order to arrange them, the emperor built Shaolin Temple. In AD 527, Buddha Shakyamun

The Hall of Supreme Harmony2017-05-18

The Hall of Supreme Harmony used to be the place where emperors received highofficials and exercised their rule over the nation, as the heart of the Forbidden City, theso-called Golden Carriage Palace, . Grand ceremonies would be held here when a new

China Glazed Tiles2017-05-17

China Glazed TilesThe glazed tiles, as a high-grade building material in ancient China, were used exclusivelyon palace buildings of the imperial house. As early as the North and South dynasties theglazed tiles were used on architecture as roof ornaments .

Shaolin Temple2017-05-16

Shaolin Temple is located in Henan Province, China. And it is seated in the thick forest of Shaoshi Mountain, so named for Shaolin Temple. It is built in Bei Wei Dynasty(AD 495). In order to arrange the Indian Eminent monks, the emperor built Shaolin Temp

Screen Wall2017-05-12

Screen wall is the wall facing the gate of a Chinese house; it is a important unit of traditional Chinese architecture, aiming at blcoking the line of the sight. Screen wall has 2 patterns: one is the wall facfing with the gate, the other is the wall

Private Chinese Gardens2017-05-10

Imitation of Natural Mountains and WatersDuring earlier periods the ancient Chinese gardens and parkswere enclosure gardens formed with real mountains and waters.Later the practice of simulating natural mountains and waters came into being. In the Song Dy

Chinatown In Montreal Is Under Renovation2017-04-06

From last year winter, China Town in Montreal has been started to renovate. The following photo is the previous old Chinese style building in Montreals China Town. St-Denis Thompson is responsible for this China Town renovation. Montreals winter

Chinese Roof Ornament---Small Animals2017-03-28

There are many small animal statues on the hip ridges on the Chinese traditional building roofs. Why are these animal statues installed on the roof? What do they stand for?Installed on the very front of the hip ridge, it is the statue of immortal man rid…

Horse Head Wall2017-03-15

Horse head wall is also called fireproof wall. It is the important feature of Hui and Gan style architecture among Chinese Han traditional residential buildings. This kind of wall is higher than the roof. It is called horse heas wall for its shape is very

Chinese Roof Ornament---Dragon Head2017-02-24

Dragon Head is installed on the both ends of the main ridge, and its mouth is towards the main ridge. It looks like the dragon is swallowing the ridge.It is said the dragons can spit cloud and rain. Installing the dragon head on the roof can protect the h

Feiyan-One of Chinese Traditional Building Structure2017-01-20

Feiyan is eaves structure of the Han nationality traditional building. It refers to the eaves corner cocked upwards, like it is ready to fly. It is widely used on the eaves corner of gazebo, pavilion, palace, temple, etc.The design of Feiyan is very cleve

Moon Gate2017-01-12

Moon Gate, Chinese dictionary explains it is the round door in the wall which is in the gardends.It is one kind of door building style in Chinese traditional Gardens. Because its shape is round and like with the Moon, so it is called "Moon Gate"

Team Building---Skiing and Hot Spring Bath2017-01-04

2016 has been passed, our company organized the team activitity in the coming new year 2017.We Skiing and take bath in hot spring to relax ourselves. Some of our colleague are first time to ski, they are very excited.We went to the hot spring villa to enj

The Expensive Luxury Housing from China2016-11-24

The Expensive Luxury House is named the Peach Garden in a private island. All the buildings are in Suzhou Garden style.Therere toal 32 rooms, covers an area of nearly 7000 square meters.There are eight different gardens for four seasons.The houses are ful

Bex Asia 2016, hope to see you in our booth!2016-10-13

From 7th to 9th September, our general manager Ms. Zhang Dandan will lead our team again to attend Bex Asia 2016! The products we will show are: 1, Traditional Chinese Roof Tiles2, Grey Porcelain Roof Tiles3, Handmade Roof Ornaments4, Spanish Roof Tiles

We are coming,Indo Build Tech 2016!2016-10-13

From 25th to 29th May, our general manager Nicole Zhang will lead our company to attend Indo Build Tech 2016. Ms. Nicole Zhang is very professional on Chinese style roof design and installation. It will be a good opportunity to talk with her if you also h

Roofing Renovation2016-10-13

In general, the renovation of ancient buildings, glazed tile roof truss structure, purlins, rafters and sheathing are necessary inspection object. Because the traditional timber roof truss ancient buildings, mostly wooden structure is the use of the word

Activities of Getting FREE Clay Pebble Soil2016-10-13

In recent years, with the improvement of living standards, people pay more attention to spiritual enjoyment, while raising flowers has become one of the hottest hobbies. Followed by hot matrix is gardening soil. As national patent product, clay pebble soi

EXPO MILANO 20152016-10-13

EXPO MILANO 2015Our company (Luoyang Dannuo Gardens & Building Material Co.,Ltd) attended Expo Milano 2015 from July 30 to July 31. We are one of the few glazed roof tile enterprises. “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” is the

Staffs and products of DanNuo ---We are in Baiyun Mountain!2016-10-13

We come in the night; chasing the down, try to catch up the first sunshine…3 am on 31th. July, 2015. A hotel in Baiyun mountain scenic area All the people were still in dreams; suddenly there was the knock at the doors.“Everybody! Get

One-day tour in Lingshan temple2016-10-13

One-day tour in Lingshan temple The reason why we choose Lingshan temple as destination has a story. Due to long years out of repair, some of temple’s roofing tile have broken and fallen off, in order to restore its original appearance, Lingshan